Places to See

Located in beautiful countryside, Blairgowrie and the surrounding area has lots of places and monuments to see. Within close proximity of Alyth, Meigle and Meikleour there are forests, monuments and visitor attractions within easy reach by foot or by car. 

No matter what time of year you visit there is something beautiful to view. In winter months, the surrounding area towards Glenshee is usually flurried with white snow creating breathtaking scenery of the glens. Spring brings the bluebells in Darroch Woods into blossom, creating a sea of blue set among beautiful forestry which is next to a small loch that glistens in the spring sunshine. Summer months see the soft fruit farms around Blairgowrie come alive with blossoming crops and tasty treats. Autumn brings with it one of the most spectacular sights. On the outskirts of Blairgowrie, The Beech Hedge turns into a magnificent sea of autumnal colours along the roadside which is definitely worth a visit.

Big Tree Country

The Beech Hedge On the outskirts of Blairgowrie stands the Beech Hedge, the tallest hedge in the World! Local legend has it that following the death of her husband at the Battle of Colloden, Jean Mercer of Meikleour let the hedge grow so tall towards the heavens in his memory. Planted in 1745, the Beech Hedge is a spectacular sight in all seasons, especially Autumn before the leaves fall off.

The Beech Hedge

Bluebell Woods woods in Blairgowrie (more commonly known as Bluebell Woods) becomes a vast sea of beautiful blue when the bluebells blossom in Spring. However, Darroch Woods is worth a visit all year round with its beautiful surroundings being every walker’s dream. With the beautiful White Loch nearby, Darroch Woods is a haven to local wildlife with deer being regularly spotted here.

Bluebell Woods

Blairgowrie's Soft Fruit Farms

Blairgowrie is famous for its raspberries and strawberries with numerous fruit farms in the area. With farms that roll on for acres and acres its a magical sight in the height of season. The population of the town swells in summer months with vast numbers of Eastern Europeans flooding the farms to work through the berry picking season. Many farms operate a ‘pick your own’ purchasing system which is a must! The raspberries and strawberries that surround Blairgowrie are truely some of the best you will ever taste!

Alyth Den Den of Alyth is a hidden ‘wooded glen’ situated on the outskirts of Alyth, 10 minutes from Blairgowrie. The Den has a selection of path networks alongside the Alyth Burn where local wildlife is regularly spotted.

Alyth Den

Historical Sites of Interest

Wellmeadow War Memorial

Situated directly in front of the hotel, The Wellmeadow is a lovely garden area with benches and grassy areas where you can watch the World go by. At the heart of the Wellmeadow is the Blairgowrie and Rattray War Memorial, which was erected to symbolise those who fell for their country. Various farmers markets are held in the Wellmeadow throughout the year, with numerous pipers parades also taking place.